We help entrepreneurs develop their online presence.

A modern online presence should be three things: intuitive, functional and affordable.

FleekSite solves developing web presence for entrepreneurs and businesses. Our aim however, is to do much more than just that. We’re here to help go getters understand what they want to do and where they want to go.

What we do.

We take care of developing the technologies behind websites and web applications for entreprenuers and business owners. Technology shouldn't be a hindrance or an obstacle to your goals, it should be a vehicle for advancement. And thats exactly what it becomes with FleekSite. Allowing our clients to focus more on what they need to, to drive their ambitions forward.

What We Provide


Fully Mobile Responsive and Connected websites, which boost your brand image and gives visitors a lasting positive impression.

Progressive Applications

Advance technologies, which turn your website into a multi-platform application fit for IOS, Android, Windows, MacOs and even Linux. Reach your clients on a whole new level.

Web Apps

Your service in the Cloud. No need to install applications, just login and use from any machine without hassle. All you'll need is an internet connection.

Digital Marketing

Boost your brand, promote your image and increase your audience with strategic online marketing efforts, made specifically for your business.

Web/Server Hosting

Host your online services with FleekSite and receive world class monitoring and nearly flawless uptimes. Ensure your users can rely on your services being available.


Need some advice? You can count on our expertise in our fields to ensure you're traveling the right path with your decisions. Whether it's development or marketing we've got your back.

Who We Help

From entrepreneurs, creatives to doctors, FleekSite helps people right across the board.

Why we're here.

Our mission is to make the web more beautiful and intuitive, starting with entreprenuers and small business owners.

A proper online presence should be available to everyone. We want to make that a reality. No more sub-par websites. That's the aim of FleekSite.

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