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Pricing and Plans

During your free trial, your digital web assistant will evaluate your businesses’ feature usage and volume to determine which subscription package is the best fit for your business. You can also opt-in on extra features you'd like.

Yes, absolutely. We never lock you in to our service, and we make sure it’s easy to get your information from FleekSite should you ever decide to leave.

Yes. you can optionally add features from higher tier plans to your package for a nominal fee.

Yes. You can build a custom plan from scratch by contacting us directly with the feature set you desire and we'll set it up for you.

Your Trial

Your free trial includes one month of website hosting. You’ll also get a full tour of the FleekSite app. To give you an idea of how FleekSite works, we’ll set up your accounts and integrations within the app. Whether or not you decide that FleekSite is the right fit for your business, the reports and information captured are yours to keep.

You can register for the plan of your choosing for 30 days without submitting any payment information. You'll be given access to all that plan's features and be able to use all the templates available for that plan. At the end of the trial period, you'll be asked to submit your payment information or you can opt to cancel your subscription.

Nope! We only collect your payment information if you decide to continue with our service. Your trial is 100% risk-free—no surprise auto-billing.

No, custom domains are reserved for full subscriptions.

Integrations & Add-ons

Wordpress and other web hosting software gives you tools to do your own website manage. FleekSite does this and more, we can do your management for you. With FleekSite, you get a dedicated digital website assistant monitor, in addition to our management software. You’ll always have information readily available when you need it, and an app to access your website.

Yes, FleekSite has plugins for MailChimp, Google Analytics and other popular services. Our list of apps is always expanding, if you don't see your software, submit a request and it may be added next.

If you’re switching from another platform, we can work with you to port your existing content over to FleekSite using either our on hand team or our automation bots. If you're not sure which you'd prefer, we recommend chatting with one of our Onboarding Specialists about transferring your information.

We connect with Stripe for payments. This feature is available for qualified businesses on yearly plans.

Yes, you may submit your account information to have funds transferred on a scheduled basis or on demand.

Yes. There are many plugins available to be added to your website.

Web Development Services

We provide the majority of our clients with a combination of website hosting and maintenance. With our system, we perform regular checkups on your website. However, we can and do provide some clients with all three services. If you’re unsure which plan is right for you, talk to us. We’d be happy to develop a modified plan that suits your individual needs.

Yes, FleekSite provides regular weekly reports as well as monthly reports with the performance and activity of your website.

Yes. We provide consultation for digital marketing and web development fields.

We build standalone websites and web applications as well as online platforms for our clients.

About FleekSite and Web Hosting

Once we receive all of your documents and information, we’ll complete your website based on the time period we agree upon in the preliminary meetings. This gives us enough time to make any necessary adjustments before launch.

Your development team consists of 3 professionally trained members, including one senior designer who reviews all of your requests and your website requirements. We try our best to keep you with the development team you’re assigned when you come on board. If there’s any change in your development team for maintenance, we’ll let you know as soon as possible and make sure the transition is a smooth one.

FleekSite Software

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