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Powerful yet intuitive analytics reports come standard with FleekSite. Track every website visit and performance metric available like a pro, and run a more informed business right away.

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Real Time Analytics Updates.

The FleekSite dashboard lets you track every view, lead, and submission in real-time, in one place—no app-hopping required.

Your at-a-glance business check up

It's important to see what's generating value for your business. We provide you with the tools to do just that.

"One Stop Shop"

You'll only need to login to one (1) system to completely manage your website, its leads and analytics.

Save time, make money

Less jumping around means more time, more time means more focus. More focus means more money for you and your business.

Simple and Understandable Analytic Reports

Analytics should be more than just a jumble of data, we provide real information.

Prove Your Websites Worth.

Need to see which sectors of your business are providing results? Your website analytics reports will speak for themselves and you'll know the areas that need to be worked on.

Stay on top of market trends

Keep up with what your visitors are looking at with weekly reports showing breakdowns by popularity of your website pages and content.

Think Big.

With this wealth of Actionable Analytics at your disposal, you can think ahead of the game.

Detailed Metric Tracking.

Manage your content like a pro. Examine your analytics and created tailor-made content to pull and expand your audience.

Attention To Detail

User tracking allows you to see the interests of individual clients, so you can focus your time on marketing to the clients desires.

Be a true Savant

Wondering which products are moving your business forward? Know exactly which areas are making you money.

We Leverage World Class Institutions To Provide You With Unrivalled Quality Of Service.


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