Fleeksite Premium Packages

By Romario Fitzgerald on March 01, 2019

You get so much more than just a website when you work with FleekSite.

fleeksite premium packages

Your success is in our best interest, your product, your website is an ambassador for Fleeksite and we treat our ambassadors to the finer things in life, and in such spirits we would like to let you know about our signature start up package, which will ensure a solid base for your business' online presence, whether you are home or away.

Let's walk through a few of the things you get in this package:

Google Business Registration

Registering your business on Google is of utmost importance for your discoverability. Users are resorting to the web to search for businesses to provide the services they require and Google is the primary place those searches are done. So you want to ensure that you pop up for those service searches.

Google Maps Registration

Along with the Google Business registration, if you have a physical location that users can visit, its best to add your location on Google Maps, as the more accessible you are the more likely users are going to do business with you. If they see a competitors location and not yours, guess who they're going to visit? We'll ensure you don't miss out on this simple but essential business tool.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is an excellent set of tools which shows you exactly how your website is performing in great detail and can help you spot trends and optimise your website for your target audiences. This can result in greater profits or more recognition for your brand.

Google Search Console Setup
A golden egg and an excellent companion to Google Analytics, the Google Search Console gives more specific information on the performance of your site with regards to how people are finding your site and what you can do in order to get more traffic to your site or improve your content.

Google Search Console Tutorial
Learning the search console can be a little challenging for users who don't live in the tech world so to ensure you're able to take advantage of the tools at your disposal we offer a one on one tutorial session teaching you exactly what you need to know in order to use the search console.

Instagram Business Account Setup

Instagram is one of the applications people spend a ridiculous amount of time looking through, so it would be a real missed opportunity to not use this to promote your brand. We'll set you up in order to take advantage of this as well.

Facebook Account/Page Setup

Facebook, it's an aged platform, but it still has plenty of users and is still driving businesses even to this day. We'll ensure you're set up here in order to represent your brand.

Twitter Account Setup

Think Instagram and Facebook - but more conversational - Twitter is a place where users share ideas and is always very active, for brand building Twitter is a go to platform and we'll take care of the setup for you.

Content is King and we'll help build Your Kingdom.


Two Week Content Monitoring
For two weeks following the launch of your new website, we will personally monitor your published content to ensure your content is up to par, a second pair of eyes can only help.

Content Consultation
You get one on one advice on your newly published content and also what to write about going forward and how you should view and use your content as a tool for driving growth.

Introductory Write Up
If you're a new and upcoming brand or new to the web, we offer you a professional first blog write up to kick off your website with a world class introduction.