The Analytics To Take Advantage Of

By Romario Fitzgerald on February 19, 2019

What analytics should you be paying attention to and why it's important.


Often times, we all tend to overlook the small details.
When it comes to analytics, those small details are your friends.
So what small details in the analytics should you be looking out for?


While it is true you should capitalise on the big things, looking at the small things can give you an idea of rising trends and what to expect.

Let's say you target a particular age group and you are looking at your analytics. If you see over time a small upsurge in a particular age group, then you should try to find out the source of that and see how you can capitalise.

You're publishing your weekly blog and you go to analyse the previous weeks data and you suddenly notice that instead of your intended audience reading it, a completely different audience has taken a liking to it.
If that's the case then it's time for you to do your research on this audience. See what exactly could have brought them to your article and see what they are interested in otherwise and use this knowledge in future postings.

This practice extends to more than just age or interest. It extends to even geographic location and furthermore search terms.


Google's Search Console allows you to see exactly what terms your web page ranks for and shows you how much it ranked as well as the terms that got you clicks.
This allows you to see exactly what terms you need to capitalise on in order to not only rank higher but improve your articles and give you insight on how to proceed moving forward.

These small but useful activities goes a long way in maximising awareness about your brand.