Creating Website Content

By Romario Fitzgerald on January 18, 2019

We've looked at creating a content strategy, now we'll see how to create content for your website.

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Creating website content is a little different from creating content for other media sources.
For social media, it has to be short, sweet and to the point.
For other media platforms more video centric, it can involve video editing.
For newspapers, its print and very controlled.

Online, it's expressive, it's free (but it does have consequences, both good and bad).
Following up on our previous post about creating a content strategy, we're going to be focusing on actually producing a piece of content.

So what are the steps to this one?
Well you've already got your content strategy, so you know your goals, and your content should be tied to that, so now that you have your topic, whats next?

Writing your headline & preview text
This is one of the most important parts of the content creation process. If your headline isn't great or appealing to the persons seeing it, they probably won't click on it and your content will go unseen. A quick Google search on how to write headlines would be very helpful with this step. There are even mini courses on this, as it is very important.


Choosing a Primary Image
Maybe even more important than the headline is the primary/main/hero image of the post. The internet is a visual place and better visuals appeal to more people, this allows you to pull the attention of more people to your content and your brand. A quick Google search can also help with this, however a couple quick tips for selecting great images is:
  1. Use Stock Photos
  2. Make Your Photos Vibrant.
Stock photos are easily accessible and many are free to use both with and without accreditation (you definitely should accredit the photographer though) and many platforms (like FleekSite) offer stock images within the platform itself. Vibrant photos tend to grab users attention much more than dull or realistically coloured images.

Write Great Content
What makes content great?
Content is great if it helps people. The more comprehensive, detailed, specific, relevant or just in general helpful your content is, the higher your content should rank in search engines database. This means your content is more likely to be put into a users view by automation software built by these search engines and media platforms.
So when you're writing a piece of content, try to think of helping people. What problem am I providing a solution for? What question am I answering? These are the types of questions that lead to great content and for extra measure, what will my target audience be searching for? When you determine this, ensure you also work those phrases and words into your content.


Update Your Content
Yes, this is very very important.
Don't just write your content then leave it be forever, check your google search results. See what people are finding your content for, then go back to your content. Edit it in order to capitalise on the words and phrases that users are finding you for. This will help your content gain viewers even faster.

If this all sounds too much when you have to run other parts of this business, this is totally understandable and actually not uncommon. FleekSite can help businesses who need truly effective and impactful content on their websites craft beautiful pieces and website copy. Fill the form below to sign up with us or continue to enjoy our free and helpful guides from various platforms and accounts.

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