Developing a Content Strategy

By Romario Fitzgerald on January 16, 2019

A content strategy is essential, it is a guideline to the building of your brand image and essentially to a clean and purposeful marketing campaign.

content strategy for businesses

So first up, what is a content strategy?
This phrase has been thrown around a lot, but who really knows what it means. Well I'll give you the run up.

A content strategy is a plan of action, that is intending to guide future content production through a specified timeline intended to build a brand image or promote a particular subject or view or achieve a business objective.

Some of you may be wondering, wow that sounds great! I want a content strategy, but how do I create one? Well this is a guide on how to do so, and for this, we're going to take it back to elementary school, because well, and I believe this may be copyrighted, this is:
Elementary my dear Watson.


So who remembers the 5 W's ?
If you do thats great, I hope you've been using them, because they weren't just for school, The basics that you learn at those young ages tends to hold much weight.
If not, let me jog your memory. They are:

The order of which you should determine based on the situation.
For your content strategy I suggest this approach.

Why am I posting content or why is it that I am developing a content strategy?
This is the first question asked, because it is to set a goal, the goal you want to achieve with the strategy.

What content should I post?
Now that you know your goal, this is your next step. Find out what you'll need to produce to get the response from your audience that you're seeking. This question will pop up in further steps again.


Who is my target audience?
Though shooting out into the wild might eventually get you something, it is far more effective when you have a target. Know who you want your content to appeal to, so that you can tailor it to that audience.

Where should I post my content?
Well now that you know who your content is targeted at and what your content is going to be, you'll have a much easier time determining where to post it. If you're targeting an older audience, instagram would probably not be the best place to post.

When should I post my content?
Others have already done the work for you. Companies with hundreds of thousands, even millions, billions of dollars have done the research and made it public so that you'll be able to benefit from it. You only need search for the information. And if it's not found, worry not! Trial and error is also a part of the process. Push your content at various different times throughout your cycles and see when exactly is the best. Don't assume, try times you think won't even work! you might be surprised.

Wow! We've done all the W's and now its time to create our content strategy!

I know, I know, much easier said that done, which is where we come in.
We'll help you develop a content strategy that works for you and is tailored towards your specific industry and business. Sign up for a consultation and schedule a call with us in the form below and we'll get you started. If not, you can still enjoy our free guides on creating great business habits and utilising great resources.

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