How To Use A Custom Domain With FleekSite CMS

By Romario Fitzgerald on November 21, 2018

Setting up a custom domain with FleekSite is easy! This is a super simple 6 step guide on how to do it in 2 minutes or less.

dns network

Step 1
Login to your DNS Management Console

Step 2
Find your DNS record management panel


Step 3
Point your root domain eg. to your www subdomain, eg. ->
this will ensure that your visitors will get to your website no matter which they choose to visit.

Step 4
Point your www domain to, eg. ->
this will point your website to our servers so that your website can be loaded when someone goes to the domain name.

Step 5
Add your root domain eg. to your websites domain field in the settings of the FleekSite CMS.

Step 6
Visit your website!

Wasn't that easy, see our in depth guide on DNS management If you want to know more about managing DNS records with different providers:

Note: Depending on your DNS Provider and setup, it may take some time before your new website is visible. This can be up to 48 hours for some providers, as the will keep your old records active for up to that period of time.