How To Use Your Content Effectively

By Romario Fitzgerald on January 21, 2019

Creating content is just one half of the story, how to use that content is the other.

efficiency in your content

We've created our content strategy, we're making our content ahead of time and we're publishing our content on time.
Things seem to be going pretty good, but there's still more to do.
How long can you keep up creating new high quality content before you begin to repeat yourself?
Well depending on the industry you're in, that could be a pretty long time. Even so, it's best to use your content wisely than burn yourself out trying to produce lots new of content rapidly, this is especially the case when developing content for various platforms like Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
So today we're going to walk you through some tips and methods of utilising your content well so that you can still produce high quality, worthwhile content to your viewers while still keeping the content you produce to a manageable level.

For this example, we'll be using our article: Reinventing Yourself



This is often overlooked, you can re-use your content by identifying the most valuable pieces of information that they contain and using that outside of the source page, while linking back to it.
We have our extract:
the successful companies are the ones who innovate the most. There's no deep thought needed, its right before your very eyes.
We can use this in another piece of content as we're doing now.
We can also use this in marketing emails.
We can use this in banners.
So there we have one extract that we can re-use over and over without losing it's value.



The Social Media gold mine. Social Media timelines and profiles are littered with nice quotes..okay some not so nice, but you should ensure yours are. Either way, this is prime real estate for you to reuse your content.
Take our quote: Innovation is the hallmark of success.
Now that's nice sounding isn't it! and it's also true.
You can post quotes like these on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms where short notes are more common.



The time savers, the attractors, the highlight sections. We all have those TLDR (too long didn't read) moments, where we want to get to the meat of the matter without having to go through the whole article. That's what your highlights section should be and people will appreciate it. They'll get to see your core topics and messages and if they choose to, they'll get to dig deeper into your content.