Reinventing Yourself - Not the wheel

By Romario Fitzgerald on January 14, 2019

Innovation is important and can be easier than you think. Set yourself apart from your crowd and be the brand that comes to everyone's mind when they think about your field, product or service.

always room to grow

In the world of business, one thing very often overlooked, which is a hallmark of success is - reinvention, innovation, it's what makes industries move forward.

If you're going into business, are you going into it just to make a quick buck, or are you going into in to be a powerful and sustainable force in the market?
If you're already in business, are you satisfied with your current level, or are you willing to move forward, even if it means dragging the rest of the industry with you?

Well, the successful companies are the ones who innovate the most. There's no deep thought needed, its right before your very eyes.
What makes Apple, Google and Microsoft the powerhouses of success that they are and keeps them in those positions?
Innovation is how they got there.
Innovation is how they stay there.

These companies make it a habit of buying smaller promising companies with great inventions and promise. Sometimes these buy outs pay off, other times it doesn't.
But they know the value of the pay off and they know its worth the risk.


Innovation is the hallmark of success. Even those who don't innovate and want to stay afloat, know they have to adapt to whatever innovations the marketplace is tending towards.

You may be thinking that it's different for small businesses, or that you're not a creative person, or that your ideas won't work. Guess what? you won't know if you don't try.

The only way to guarantee failure 100% of the time, is not to try.
Keep that in mind. If you're serious about it, you'll find a way.

Here's a little story by a Youtuber/Entrepreneur that I subscribe to, I think you may find it very interesting and inspiring, a possible a little funny:

So after watching that video, you see how easy it *can* be to innovate in your field.

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