We've Launched Our Youtube Channel!

By Romario Fitzgerald on January 28, 2019

After weeks of anticipation, we've finally put up our first video on youtube! and more to come...


Yeah thats right, we've finally published out first video; It's an introductory video, so not much meat just yet.

We'll be posting our video summaries here, so you can get the gist of what we've posted.
On our channel will be three main sections:
  1. FleekSite Tutorials
  2. WebLinked - Weekly Web Technology/Event Recaps you should know.
  3. Business/Tech Podcast

The frequency of our videos will be spread out.
One (1) Tutorial Per Week
One (1) WebLinked Episode Per Week
One (1) Podcast Per Month

So each week you can expect at least two videos from us and at once a month you can expect the podcast.
We've yet to finalise the dates for the podcast and the other sections as we'll be testing different publishing times to see when is the optimal time to reach and help the most viewers.

We'll definitely keep you all up to date on our blog with updates about schedule changes as well as the video posts and written summaries.

Have a watch below:

Thanks for tuning in again and for all your support